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Game News
Welcome to Flint Ridge: Classic Content Division.

This site is used to track progression in the WoW: Classic game content. This content includes all raids and dungeons rated level 60 or lower.

The following Raids are included in this content:

1) Naxxramas
2) The Eye of Eternity
3) The Obsidian Sanctum
4) Ulduar
5) Vault of Archavon
6) Crusader's Coliseum
7) Onyxia's Lair
8) Icecrown Citadel
9) Ruby Sanctum

Loot rules for all participants are as follows:

Raid Loot Rules - All Divisions
1) 1 Main Spec (MS) Item (What you come into the raid as) until everyone in your raid role has either indicated "Pass" or won an item.

2) Unlimited Off Spec (OS) Items (What your Off-spec talent set)
    - Pure DPS Classes (Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Rogues) understand that their 1st OS roll will count as their MS roll, assuming they have not already rolled on a MS item.

3) Vanity Pets & Patterns are reserved for the Guild.

4) Specialty Construction Materials (Primordial Saronite, Crusader Orbs, Nether Vortex) are reserved for the Guild.

When participating in Classic or Burning Crusade-level raids, level appropriate characters get first dibs on gear, following the aforementioned rules.

Flint Ridge - Classic is constantly recruiting. Please see the "Recruitment Information" section of our site for additional information!
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